Fill in the Application Form!

NOTE: You can download a copy of this form as a PDF to prepare your answers in advance. You can then copy the answers into the Application form when you are ready to submit. Applications must be submitted in English.

Inspire us and the jury with one-minute video!

NOTE: We will NOT be evaluating the quality of video production. This is only to understand more about the initiative and showcase how it has made an impact to help people or communities solve global challenges. Videos can be shot on any recording device, including a camera phone. You can talk about the initiative, and/or include testimonials, pictures and videos of your initiative.


The video should be uploaded along with the application form.

*Please note that if you are representing a city, in the form you will be asked to upload a letter from the municipality in the provided template authorizing the submission of the proposal and certifying the applicants position/role.

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