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Play is essential for children to thrive now and in the future, but many urban environments lack opportunities or a city-wide strategy for play. That’s why the Real Play City Challenge aims to reclaim places to play in cities for children. 

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The Real Play City Challenge is a partnership between the Real Play Coalition (Ingka Group [IKEA], The LEGO Foundation, National Geographic, UNICEF & Arup) and PlacemakingX (STIPO, Hannah Wright, Huasipichanga).

We want to support, promote and share initiatives that have potential to:

  • inspire more cities, placemakers, urban planners, real-estate developers and other stakeholders to take action in safe,  child-friendly and playful urban practice. 

  • optimise, integrate and disseminate international knowledge and experience to strengthen safe,  child-friendly and playful urban practice.

  • enhance impact by catalysing, replicating and scaling child-friendly, safe and playful initiatives in different contexts around the globe.

Be inspired by the frameworks to integrate play in cities


* The Reclaiming Play in Cities Report and Quick Guide have been updated on Thursday 17th September. Submissions who have referenced the older version are not affected by this change in the competition. 

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